Darryl Riddell on Walking and Smiling Again

Countryside rehab-to-home resident Darryl Riddell

Darryl Riddell has made monumental steps — both physically and mentally — thanks to his time at Countryside, CarDon & Associates’ senior living community in Anderson, Indiana.

Darryl was transferred to the community after a month of being immobile and dependent on a ventilator at St. Vincent’s Hospital. When he arrived at Countryside for physical therapy, he was “a grumpy guy” who could “barely walk.” Now, not only is he up and moving around with ease at home, but he is doing so in much higher spirits, mirroring the mood of those who helped him at Countryside.

“They were very patient with me, and I’m not exactly the easiest patient in the world,” he said. “But that didn’t affect them at all. No matter what, they always came through my door with a smile on their face. They’d talk to me with a positive attitude about how I would get better. Just their attitude alone helped me feel better by leaps and bounds.”

The physical therapists, nurses and doctors guided Darryl through the milestone task of learning to walk again. He and his wife appreciated that they not only put him on a regimen of arm and leg exercises, but they thoroughly explained how each one would benefit him in the long run as well. Better yet, while Darryl regained his independence, the community staff anticipated his every need.

“I never wanted for anything,” he said. “If there was anything I needed, all I had to do was ask, and a lot of times, I didn’t even have to ask — what I needed was just part of what they provided on a daily basis. That helped me relax, which was a huge relief because I was very keyed up about not being able to do much on my own.”

But just as the staff members promised, Darryl did get better, and he’s now back to enjoying the level of independence that puts his mind at ease and a big smile on his face. He and his wife give all the credit for this to the kind of compassionate care they experienced at Countryside.

“I can’t say enough good things about everyone at the community — from housekeeping to the dietary staff to the nurses and doctors,” Darryl said. “They were all outstanding with thorough, informative, hands-on treatment. They made me understand why they’re called caregivers — they really do care about you.”

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