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Exceptional quality skilled nursing care

For our residents in need of comprehensive long-term skilled nursing care, the “compassionate care” part of CarDon’s mission shines through. Our well-designed care centers and dedicated staff ensure that our long-term care residents experience their best possible quality of life each day.

Long-term skilled nursing care residents and their family members are valued members of the CarDon family. Our compassionate, dedicated skilled nursing staff is fully committed to their comfort, safety, and well-being. Supervised care is provided around-the-clock to manage the often complex medical and non-medical needs of long-term care residents.

Delivering patient-centered care in a way that optimizes quality of life is the goal for each resident. CarDon staff works closely with long-term care residents, their families and physicians to develop a personalized care plan that meets resident needs and desires with optimal safety, health, and quality of life.

Long-term skilled nursing care centers at CarDon communities feature comfortable private or semi-private suites, dining and nutritional services, arranged dental and podiatry services, stimulating activities, and social and support services. Medicare-approved, most skilled nursing centers also accept Medicaid, long-term care insurance plans and private pay arrangements. Talk to our staff about how we can make this experience as financially easy and stress-free as possible.

Hospice care for terminally ill long-term care residents and their families brings invaluable peace and assurance to everyone involved. Specially trained and experienced hospice staff offers the medical, psychological, and spiritual support residents and families need, with comfort and dignity.

Home Transitions

For long-term care residents who are able to transition home, we provide community re-integration and home evaluations to ensure a successful and safe return to the home environment. A “home safe visit” while the resident is still in our care provides a safety check and recommended adjustments. Plus, our staff provides advice and counsel to long-term care residents and their families with a focus on the individual’s wellness and independence.