Assisted vs. Independent Living

Assisted vs. Independent Living. Both Different. Both Smart Options.

Transitioning to life in a senior living facility can be both liberating and beneficial! While you’re searching for the perfect community, let’s discuss some key differences between assisted living and independent living. Both are great options. Both have great perks!

Need a little extra care? That’s assisted living. The goal is to provide residents with the right amount of support anytime: day or night. Working closely with residents, the staff provides a highly personalized level of care. Residents also receive 24-hour medical assistance and medication management. Enjoy spacious assisted living apartment homes, wonderful culinary experiences and tons of socialization. What else? Free laundry, housekeeping, maintenance and chef-prepared meals. It’s stress-free living where the main focus is better health and happiness.

Your life, your rules. That’s independent living. This way of living still offers residents a safe living space but on their own terms. Residents have the freedom to do their own thing. Try something new, make life-long friends, relax anytime you want. And, day-to-day living is easy. Residents enjoy spacious and comfortable apartments, cottage homes and convenient maintenance-free living. First-class restaurant-style dining, fitness programs, lounge areas and the ability to travel wherever and whenever you want! You get the perks of the community, but with the independence you want.

Whether it’s assisted or independent, it still feels just like home. Give us a call or fill out some information below, and we’ll get in touch. We’ll help you decide which CarDon community is the perfect fit for you.

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