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Welcome to CarDon’s Senior Resource Hub, where your senior living questions will be answered by industry experts.

CarDon Senior Resource Hub – Senior Living Options, Planning and Financial Assistance

In this episode of the CarDon Senior Resource Hub, industry experts discuss the process of finding a senior living community, the living options available, financially preparing for your move and the assistance you may be eligible to receive.

Senior Care: What Living Options Are Available

Payment and Financing: How to Begin and Budget

VA Aid and Attendance: Eligibility and Benefits

CarDon Members’ Personal Experiences: How Can They Help Others?

CarDon Senior Resource Hub – Medication Management, Memory Care and Dialysis

With this episode of the CarDon Senior Resource Hub, we discuss tips for medication management, how to know if a loved one might need memory care and what dialysis care entails.

Speakers include Kendra Fauth-Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer for CarDon & Associates, Cindy Barker, Director of Pharmacy for Skilled Care Pharmacy, Lynn Lopossa, Director of Ancillary Services for CarDon & Associates, Angie Scally, Director of Clinical Coordination for CarDon & Associates, Judy Hostetler, Registered Nurse for DaVita Post Acute Services and Jen Barnhart, Regional Director of Marketing for CarDon & Associates.

Medication Management and How Assisted Living Can Help

Memory Care: How to Know It’s time and How to Start the Discussion

Dialysis: How it affects Day-To-Day Life and What Options Are Available

CarDon Senior Resource Hub – Early Signs of Memory Loss, Helpful Products and Joy’s House

In this episode of the CarDon Senior Resource Hub, industry experts discuss how to look for the early signs of memory loss, a great product that can help someone with memory loss, and how Joy’s House in Indianapolis helps those in need.

Memory Loss: Recognizing the Early Signs

Memory Loss: A Product that Can Make A Difference

Joy’s House: Helping Seniors with Memory Loss

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