CarDon rehabilitation.
It’s a program that works for everyone.

This is our thing. Our rehab services are state-of-the-art. And guess what? They’re available at all of our CarDon communities. Believe us. You’ll actually WANT to get up and start moving. You’ll feel better every. single. day.

Our nursing and therapy teams have the knowledge and expertise to help you feel great, stay strong, and stay motivated. We work with patients closely to safely guide them through successful short-term rehabilitation and the post-rehabilitation recovery.

Our goal is to get you back into motion and wellness. Our CarDon team will help you stay motivated and celebrate even the smallest victories. Believe us. You’re stronger than you think.

Rehabilitation Video

Our Care. Your Options.

Maximize your mobility. Fast-track your function. Achieve a better quality of life. Our highly trained and experienced CarDon physical therapy staff are known for their compassion, enthusiasm, personal care, and commitment. They want to get to know every patient to carefully assess their physical issues and create a plan completely tailored to you. Your body will get stronger every day. Remember, every journey begins with a single step.

The main goal of our occupational therapists is to get you back to your highest level of functioning. Without strain or discomfort. The occupational therapists at each of our CarDon communities will zero-in on a treatment plan for you and ONLY you. Activities include strength and dexterity, coordination, dressing, cooking, eating, memory improvement, cognitive behavioral therapy, and problem solving.

We’ll help you get there. Achieve the greatest functional outcome and minimize injury or disability. Because  even the smallest victories can be the most rewarding.

At CarDon communities, we specialize in speech therapy. We help and guide residents who have conditions that could impact the ability to swallow or communicate. Our caring and skilled speech therapists manage in-depth evaluations. They get to the source of the problem. From there, an action plan is laid out to suit each person’s unique needs.

Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) The goal of dysphagia therapy is to help the individual learn to swallow more safely and effectively. The therapy often involves learning exercises, new positions, and strategies to improve specific swallowing functions.

Speech/Language Impairments Therapies for individuals whose language abilities are impaired range from auditory cues, organizing, or recalling information. We’ll help develop strategies to record information to aid memory, and/or address underlying physical or mental concerns to improve speech and communications.

When you’re ready to head back home.

It’s time to go back home, and our team of skilled therapists make sure every single detail is in order for a safe transition. While residents are still in our care, we provide a “home safe visit” checking for safety and any adjustments needed. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Special Programs

The STARS Program
(Specialized Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Services)

What exactly is STARS? Well, technically it stands for Specialized Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Services. But really, it’s so much more than that. Plus, it’s available at ALL CarDon communities

Let’s break it down …

The STARS program focuses on inpatient and outpatient short-term rehabilitation. Through cutting-edge therapies, personalized care and attention to every detail, we’ll get you back to your best. Quick. And it doesn’t stop there. Our rehabilitation staff works with physicians, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists to develop a customized care plan just for you. This will make your transition back home a breeze (not to mention comfortable, and above all … safe).

CarDon partners with Accelerated Care Plus (ACP), the nation’s leading provider of integrated clinical programs for sub-acute and long-term care rehabilitation providers, combining specialized treatment programs, innovative medical technology, evidence-based clinical protocols, and advanced therapist training to assure the very best in rehabilitation services. For more information visit the ACP website.

Need something a little more specific? CarDon provides numerous therapies, including:

  • Respiratory therapy
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Anodyne therapy for treating neuropathy, wounds, chronic pain, and arthritis
  • Post-acute rehabilitative care for stroke, heart attack, amputation, balance dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neuromuscular diseases