Employee Spotlight: Dr. Stephen Nale’s Lifelong Love of Family Medicine

Dr. Stephen Nale always feels relaxed at work — like he’s right where he belongs. This is why he’s been practicing medicine for the past 44 years.

Dr. Nale graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1974 and completed an internship at Clarian Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. He became board-certified in family medicine and went on to practice for decades.

Dr. Nale took on the role of medical director at Lincoln Hills Health Center in 2004. He visits the community one or two times a day, overseeing the treatment of residents in both short-term rehab and long-term care. He works closely with Laura Dunn, the assistant director of nursing, in updating residents’ medical records, monitoring medications and blood work, communicating with medical suppliers and skilled care pharmacists — the list goes on.

CarDon acquired Lincoln Hills at the beginning of this year, and Dr. Nale is thoroughly impressed with the company’s leadership.

“CarDon holds everyone in every department to a high standard of care,” he said. “From the nurses and physical therapists to the dietary staff, every member is held accountable to deliver their best to the residents.”

Working at Lincoln Hills reminds Dr. Nale of what made him fall in love with the world of medicine in the first place. Getting to know the people he treats on a personal level is what he considers the greatest reward at the end of the day.

“It’s a lot of fun interacting with the residents,” Dr. Nale said. “They teach me a great deal on a daily basis. Seeing the way they overcome certain obstacles and keep a positive outlook helps me in my own life. It’s rewarding to be of help to these folks.”

Outside of work, Dr. Nale is happily married with three grown daughters. 

“We got married 13 days after I graduated from medical school, so I’ve been a husband about as long as I’ve been a doctor,” he said with a hearty chuckle.

His daughters share his love of helping people. The eldest is a registered nurse at Columbus Regional Health and the two younger daughters are speech pathologists for Western Kentucky University and Bowling Green City Schools, respectively.

Dr. Nale enjoys spending time with his family, especially at Disney World. A proud member of the Disney Vacation Club, he’s a cartoon aficionado and is slowly building something of a Disney museum in his home.

Dr. Nale is grateful that he feels just as happy and comfortable with the CarDon family as he does with his own.