Getting to Know Aspen Trace Resident Luba Lebamoff

Luba Lebamoff

Fort Wayne native and Aspen Trace resident Luba Lebamoff is as bright and cheerful as her fashion sense. She lights up the room when talking about her family life.

Luba’s husband, Tom, owned several Fort Wayne restaurants with his business partners over the years. Then in 1986, he ventured out on his own and opened the Elegant Farmer Restaurant. Luba helped Tom manage the restaurant until his retirement in 2001.

According to Luba and many Fort Wayne locals, the Elegant Farmer was THE place to go for prime rib.

“I’m prejudiced, but I think it was the finest restaurant in Fort Wayne,” she said. “It had a little indoor gazebo, so if you wanted to talk quietly or romantically you could step up inside the gazebo. It was a beautiful restaurant.”

Luba’s father was a restaurateur as well. In fact, that’s where Tom got his start in the hospitality business. After graduating from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, he worked in her dad’s restaurant.

Together, Luba and Tom raised a daughter and two sons – Lisa, Christopher and Robert. Despite the never-ending demands of owning and operating a restaurant, Luba and Tom always made time for family togetherness.

“For two weeks every summer we would go on vacation. We’d go to Virginia Beach, and the first thing Tom would do is put on his bathing suit and do a handstand in the water, just to amuse the kids.”

When asked about Aspen Trace, Luba says, “The people here are very thoughtful, and the staff is excellent.”

Aspen Trace is an innovative CarDon & Associates community serving Greenwood, Bargersville, Center Grove and the surrounding area with assisted living plus a full spectrum of healthcare services.

To learn more about Aspen Trace, please call 317-535-3344, or visit at 3154 South SR 135 in Greenwood.