Family Caring for Family: An Altenheim Success Story

Roenita Williams-Huertas takes her grandkids to visit their grandma and great aunt at Altenheim

Roenita Williams-Huertas has worked in the healthcare field for more than 30 years. She currently serves as a medical assistant in the hematology/oncology wing of VA Hospital in Indianapolis. So, she knows high-quality care when she sees it. When it came time for her to find medical specialists that would care for her mother with the same level of compassion she does, Roenita knew she could count on CarDon & Associates’ Indianapolis senior living community, Altenheim.

Roenita’s history with CarDon dates back to the summer of 2016. When her mother, Samueletta, could no longer care for her sister, Mary, Roenita moved her aunt to Altenheim upon a home health nurse’s recommendation. It lived up to the praise.

“It’s a beautiful community,” Roenita said. “Right away, I was impressed with how well the residents were cared for. CarDon also cares a great deal for its employees. Over the years, it would treat them to Hot Dog Day, ice cream socials and things like that.”

For Roenita and her aunt, the community grew to feel like a family.

“A resident named Jack used to sit with Mary at her table in the dining hall,” she said. “They were two of a kind; they got along great. We were also comfortable with Jack’s family and always had nice conversations with them. Another resident, Les, would always salute my ex-husband when he visited because they were both in the army. Whenever they saw each other, they would salute one another. The residents are very kind.”

The community felt even more like home when Roenita’s mother was there. After spraining her ankle and falling ill due to missing medical appointments and losing track of medications amid COVID, she moved to the community last fall for rehabilitation.

“The staff got her back in tip-top shape,” Roenita said. “They got her medications back in order and did a lot of rehab exercises with her. Now she’s probably stronger than me!”

Samueletta is now back home living with Roenita, who keeps spreading the word about this community that has made such a positive impact on her loved ones.

“I’ve recommended Altenheim to family and friends, and they’ve had great experiences,” Roenita said. “My cousins were rehab residents, and they said the community was wonderful. My cousin’s mother had a heart attack and recovered there. She’s doing quite well now. Actually, she’s on vacation at the moment!”

Roenita’s emotional connection to the community and her loved ones’ experiences there stand as a testament to CarDon’s mission of “family caring for family.”