Noblesville, Indiana


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about our assisted living services located in Noblesville, Indiana.

Noblesville, Indiana


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Peruse a few of our most frequently asked questions below.

While staying at home may be an option, living in an assisted living community has many advantages. Trained and supervised staff are available for all of those household chores you no longer wish to do- including maintenance, house cleaning, yard work and snow shoveling! Personal care services and assistance with activities of daily living are also available- assistance with bathing, dressing, medications and a host of other services are available at your fingertips. Hiring and supervising staff are taken care of by the community, so you don’t have to worry about finding and overseeing individuals to provide those services. You will know who is providing your care, and you have a plan for rehabilitation and long-term care services if ever needed.

Even if you are not ready to move, it’s never too early to plan. In addition to the many helpful services you will find in assisted living, you will also likely enjoy the lifestyle. Activities, life enrichment opportunities, exercise classes and community involvement are readily available within our assisted living community. Many residents enjoy the community transportation even if they are still able to drive. And a kind word and a smile are never far away from a staff member or another resident.

We are no longer surprised when new residents say they didn’t think they were quite ready, but they wish they had moved in sooner!

You won’t have to! In assisted living, you are free to come and go as you please. You will be giving up the burden of home ownership in exchange for services that will allow you to get the most out of every day. You can now spend your time doing the things you most enjoy – and you will find plenty of opportunities at The Lodge to do just that!

Health-related services are an important part of assisted living. However, assisted living and skilled nursing care (commonly referred to as a nursing home) are markedly different. Assisted living offers a variety of supportive services, including assistance with bathing, dressing, medications and a host of other services if needed. You will also enjoy a wide range of life enrichment activities and should the need arise in the future, you will have access to rehabilitation and nursing services from a staff you already know and trust.

At The Lodge, we think “right sizing” is the best term to describe the process our residents go through when making a move. Oftentimes, the burdens of home ownership have “snuck up” on our residents over time and what was once the “joy of home ownership” has become a burden. We find that potential residents are often amazed at what they can truly fit in their new apartment, and your memories will always come with you. At The Lodge, your living space extends well beyond your apartment. You will enjoy a variety of common areas and amenities that no private home could offer!

Many people are pleased to find that assisted living at The Lodge is surprisingly affordable. We will be happy to review the cost and benefits with you, and help you come up with a plan based on your individual situation. There are also resources to assist with assisted living care, including VA benefits and long-term care insurance. Let us help you navigate this unchartered territory – we do it every day!

We understand your hesitancy, as we are in the midst of something that is new to all of us. While some family members have been concerned about being isolated from their loved one in a community, we have found that our residents feel much less isolated than they did while living in their own homes, even during the pandemic.

We think it might be best to let our residents speak to this directly:

  • “My kids are relieved and very glad I was here during quarantine.”
  • “I feel very safe here from Covid-19. I almost feel guilty because I feel so safe.”
  • “I’m not lonely like I would be at home.”
  • “My kids think this is the best place for me.”
  • “I feel quite protected here.”

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