CarDon Update

This morning, I was reflecting back on December 30, 2020, the day I received my first vaccination shot. I thought we had survived 2020 and I was looking forward to 2021 and the “return to normal.”

Certainly 2021 has been anything but normal.  It has been the most challenging year in our company’s history.  COVID did not go away with the introduction of the vaccines, CarDon went through a leadership transition, census levels had to be rebuilt from historically low levels, and labor challenges have been unprecedented.

Am I discouraged?  NO – I am inspired!

I am amazed at the work each of you are doing every day.  You are the “righteous” mentioned in Matthew 25 who are caring for those in need.  You are doing so despite the numerous challenges.

As I look to 2022, I promise you the leadership team is dedicated to helping you continue to do your “good works” by keeping you safe, retaining those of you here and bringing many more dedicated associates to help serve our residents.

My friends, by the grace of God and your continued dedication, we will continue to serve those in need, will continue to care for each other, and will make CarDon the provider of choice for those who need us.

God Bless you and Happy New Year!

Kent Rodgers, President & CEO