Cumberland Trace Staff

Dear Staff,

First, I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication to our residents you’ve all displayed since we had our first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indiana on March 6th. Since then you have experienced a whirlwind of new protocols, new regulations, and strict guidelines that we have had to implement at the drop of a hat. No one has ever experienced what we have and how we have responded to this pandemic will be read about in history books and taught in schools one day. Some of the things we have done here at Cumberland Trace have literally set the standard for how others are doing things now in other buildings.

Because of your efforts, as of this letter we have 0 positive residents and 0 positive staff. This is amazing considering what we were looking at a few weeks ago and what other buildings in the state are currently facing. Monday, 5/4, CarDon launched a website that was sent to every family member that will be updated daily with our numbers. Again, because of your accomplishments, family members are going to that website and seeing numbers that help put them at ease.

Now that we have gotten to this point it’s crucial that we don’t slide backwards and get relaxed on our restrictions and protocols. It’s not to say we won’t have another positive person at Cumberland Trace, because I’m sure we will, but by following these procedures we will be able to contain it and keep it from spreading. While the rest of the world is returning to “normal” we must stay vigilant in protecting our residents. Below I have outlined some of the key restrictions as a reminder of what we can and can’t do. If you have questions about any of these please don’t hesitate to ask, but please don’t take it upon yourself to “make an exception” or guess what is “ok.” The State has been visiting the building almost daily, including weekends, and they are cracking down hard on facilities for not following their guidelines.

Before I get to the guidelines, I wanted to answer the most common question I’ve been getting because I’m sure you have been as well. “When will visitors be allowed in?” or “When will residents be allowed out of the rooms?” or “When will things get back to normal?” – The answer is we don’t know. We will continue following the guidelines and restrictions provided by ISDH and they have said they don’t have a timeline for when these will be lifted. I know this can be tough to hear as you see our residents becoming discouraged with the current situation, but we must protect their physical health as best as possible while also doing the best we can to support them emotionally. If you have ideas or suggestions, please share them with us and we can talk through how to properly implement them without breaking any of the restrictions.

Current Guidelines

(Subject to change at any time. In no particular order.)


  • Every staff member should be wearing a mask at all times when in the building.
    • Direct care staff should be wearing an N95 mask. You can get a new one if yours breaks, is soiled, or you have had it for 5 shifts.
    • Cloth masks are to only be used outside of work.
  • Residents should have a basic disposable mask and wear it if taken out into the hallway for any reason or during care if possible.
  • All communal dining and activities are not allowed.
    • All residents should be getting room trays. Cherished Memories residents can eat in their doorways to better allow staff to monitor and encourage residents to eat.
    • Activities need to be performed either on a one-on-one basis or in doorways.
  • Residents are not allowed on the unit “porches”
    • Residents can utilize courtyards, one at a time with an escort.
  • Trash needs to be collected more frequently with room trays.
    • Kim has ordered more trash cans on wheels to make this easier.
    • Trash can be collected and taken to the dumpster like normal since the units are all “green zones.”
    • When we have residents on the “red zone” of Renaissance their trash will be taken outside and to the dumpster.
  • Visits with family members must be done either digitally or through a window.
    • If through a window, the window needs to remain closed.
  • Family members can drop things off for residents at the main lobby entrance
    • Items need to be marked as to who they are for
    • Items should be dropped off between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. M-F or 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
    • Items need to be able to be sanitized with disinfectant spray or wipes. Otherwise they will need to sit in a bag for 24 hours before being delivered.
  • Employees will receive hazard pay when caring for residents in a designated red zone.
  • Per the CDC and ISDH – Employees can return to work when all 3 of the following criteria is met.
    • 10 days from onset of symptoms
    • Fever free for 72 hours without medication to reduce it
    • Symptoms not worsening
      • We are following this guideline closely. If you are off due to testing positive someone will check in with you daily to complete a symptom diary to determine when you should return to work.


Once you have read this update, please sign on the check off sheet posted at the timeclock.


Trei Barnett

Executive Director