The Caring Family at Cumberland Trace

Mike and Sally Patterson have only been residents of Cumberland Trace for three months, but they already feel like part of the family.

Their daughter-in-law, Karen, notes that they’re usually hesitant about making major life changes, but the compassionate care they’ve received at Cumberland Trace has given them the confidence to do so. What they thought might be a temporary stay in assisted living due to health challenges now seems to be a permanent solution for Mike and Sally.

“They’re talking about selling their house now, which is a huge change for them,” Karen said.

“They feel like they’re where they need to be,” her husband, Brian, added.

After a few falls and declines in health after contracting COVID, Mike seemed to need more assistance than Sally, Karen and Brian could provide. And they knew he’d be in good hands at Cumberland Trace before they even started looking for an assisted living apartment, as Mike had undergone rehab therapy at Cumberland Trace two years ago.

“He had breathing difficulties, and he had to go there to build his strength,” Karen said. “They did an amazing job with him.”

Karen and Brian are equally impressed with the assisted living staff, pointing specifically to Hardeep (“Deep”), the residential services director, and Jordan, the clinical director.

“From arranging for transportation to making doctor appointments, Deep has helped with so many things,” Karen said. “I just send her a text about what Mike and Sally need, and she takes care of it. With Jordan, there’s no question that he looks after them as if they are his own mom and dad. I can’t say enough about Deep and Jordan. They’ve been absolutely amazing. Although we live right down the street from Cumberland, my husband and I have busy jobs and can’t be there as often as we’d like. We feel so relieved knowing Mike and Sally are in such good care. Deep and Jordan and everyone who interacts with Mike and Sally treats them like they’re family.”

As for Mike and Sally themselves, Karen said, “They’re very thankful for where they are and the people who look out for them there.”