A Quick COVID Recovery at Hamilton Trace

CarDon & Associates’ senior living communities are known for their responsive, compassionate staff members. Here is a shining example of how the quick, caring actions of one community’s Memory Care team saved a resident’s life when she was diagnosed with COVID.

Hamilton Trace resident Clella Leach overcame COVID thanks to the quick and proactive response from the Memory Care team at the community. Her daughter, Phyllis, credits the team for her mother’s recovery.

“I believe the quick action taken by the Hamilton Trace staff and the quality care she received at the hospital were the main reasons she survived,” Phyllis said.

Phyllis and her family were preparing for the worst, but the Hamilton Trace staff kept their hope alive.

“I want to commend the staff of the memory care team on how positive they were every time we called,” she said. “I never felt worried that my mom wasn’t getting quality care.”

When Clella returned to Hamilton Trace from the hospital, the Memory Care team worked hard to make sure she was fully on the mend and feeling like herself again.

“I knew she was back to health when I called the Memory Care team and one of the nurses said, ‘Clella is being Clella,’ ” Phyllis said. “That was the best statement ever. It made me laugh and cry at the same time.”

Phyllis and her family celebrated Clella’s 91st birthday outside of her window at Hamilton Trace. Clella looked happy, healthy and right at home.

“Moving my mom to Hamilton Trace is the best decision we’ve ever made,” Phyllis said. “I know she is in the hands of wonderful, caring people.”