A Testament to CarDon’s Family Touch

Unfortunately, Cassie Talbert’s grandmother passed away shortly after the writing of this article. However, her time at CarDon’s Greenwood community was such a positive part of her life that Cassie still wished to share this story. 

When she talks about putting her grandmother in the caring hands of CarDon & Associates, Cassie Talbert describes it as the best experience of her life.

Although Cassie’s sister is a nurse and they worked together to assist their grandmother, they eventually realized that she needed more care than they could provide, as she was battling multiple issues, including Alzheimer’s, vision impairment and difficulty walking due to a hip injury.

After struggling to navigate the health insurance system and find the right home for her, CarDon’s Greenwood community emerged as a beacon of hope.

“The intake coordinator went above and beyond,” Cassie said. “She gave me her personal number and made me feel like family.”

Cassie soon found the entire staff treating her and her grandmother like family members.

“It was surreal to see how deeply involved everyone is,” she said. “The staff loves her and reaches out to us on a regular basis about how she’s doing. And she’s doing phenomenally well.”

Cassie’s grandmother has physical therapy every day, and she is now able to move around more via a walker. More importantly, her attitude is brighter than it’s ever been before.

“She has such a stronger will to thrive now,” Cassie said. “Our family is so relieved she’s here. I can’t say enough good things about CarDon. I wish I could go on TV and tell the whole world about it!”