CarDon & Associates and DaVita Post-Acute Services Partner to Deliver On-Site Dialysis

Life-sustaining kidney care available to Carmel Health & Living residents

CarDon & Associates and DaVita Post-Acute Services are proud to announce a partnership to bring an on-site, kidney care program to CarDon’s Carmel Health & Living location.

The on-site dialysis center is exclusively available to residents of Carmel Health & Living, including long-term care and rehabilitation residents. DaVita dialysis patients who require short-term care at Carmel Health & Living will be able to access traditional or home treatment options.

“We bring 20 years of experience as a leading kidney care provider,” said Dan Viaches, president of DaVita Post-Acute Services. “We appreciate that CarDon & Associates trusts us to deliver high-quality care to the patients they serve.”

DaVita’s highly trained and dedicated care team members deliver on-site care to residents of Carmel Health & Living, creating comfort and convenience for many patients and care partners.

“We are proud to offer this program to our residents,” said CarDon Chief Operating Officer Gregg Gormal. “Now, residents needing dialysis can receive the same high-quality care they’d get at a DaVita center without having to travel to and from treatments.”

Carmel Health & Living provides 24-hour nursing services; occupational, physical and speech therapies; and on-site hemodialysis — eliminating the discomfort, inconvenience and cost of frequent transportation.

This program is also projected to positively affect skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and hospitals by reducing the total cost of care and readmissions events. SNFs within the DaVita Post-Acute network will require minimized discharge planning, as hospitals will have the ability to send patients in need of dialysis directly to their home site of care.