Cindy Ford Finds Second Family for Her Brother

Cindy Ford's brother, Paul, a resident of Greenwood Health & Living

As soon as Cindy Ford got off the phone with the admissions coordinator at CarDon & Associates’ Greenwood location, the senior living community shot to the top of her list of choices for her brother, Paul.

“The admissions coordinator, Kristan, asked a lot of questions about my brother,” Cindy said. “I felt like she truly cared and wanted to find out more about Paul. To my great relief, she told me she would do her best to get Paul the care he needed. Within just a few hours after our talk, she called me back and said Paul would be admitted to Greenwood after he left Eskenazi Hospital.”

Paul has been part of the CarDon family since January, and given the way Cindy talks about the staff, “family” is definitely the appropriate word.

“The staff is incredible,” she said. “Each and every single member involved in Paul’s care has been kind, caring and accommodating of his limitations. The nurse practitioner was astute in picking up on the fact that he has a deep vein blood clot, which healthcare providers elsewhere have missed.”

CarDon’s comprehensive, compassionate care makes Cindy and her brother feel like they are in good hands.

“Although our goal is to get him physically recovered so he can return home, this has been the perfect place for him to be in the meantime,” Cindy said. “The staff is always looking out for him.”