Employee Spotlight: Angie Baker’s Path to Memory Care

Angie Baker’s journey toward senior memory care was a pleasantly unexpected turn of events. She was taking one of the final steps to earn her social work degree at IUPUI, which involved selecting locations in which to complete an internship. Angie picked places she thought would lead to her desired career of working with children. But IUPUI ultimately sent her to a geriatric psychiatry unit.

“From that point on, I built wonderful relationships with the physicians, clients and the community,” she said. “Something clicked there that made me feel like I was exactly where I was meant to be.”

After she graduated from IUPUI, Angie went on to serve as the memory care director of a 26-bed unit in Central Indiana for nearly 20 years. During that time, she became a certified dementia practitioner through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. She also joined the Shelby County Senior Council on Aging and became a team captain in the annual Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Angie joined the CarDon family just a few months ago, taking on the role of the Carmel Health & Living Community‘s new memory care director. She will be overseeing the treatment of residents with dementia-related illnesses as well as providing a therapeutic, supportive environment for their families. Carmel Health & Living offers 24-hour, customized care. Residents take part in consistent daily routines and choose their own memory exercises and activities, which ultimately help them socialize and grow. It’s thorough, one-on-one treatment tailored to individual needs.

CarDon’s personal, compassionate approach reminds Angie of what made her fall in love with senior memory care in the first place.

“Working for CarDon has been a great experience,” she said. “They deeply understand that each resident has unique needs. This organization understands that providing a comforting environment, offering specialized staff training and developing meaningful activities for residents are all key to promoting a high quality of life in these communities.”

Even after several years in the field of senior memory care, Angie still finds herself feeling an exciting sense of discovery and surprise. New people, needs, challenges and rewards. She loves having a job that keeps her on her toes.

“Every day is new and different,” she said. “The team at Carmel Health & Living has been so warm and welcoming. Everyone is strongly committed to improving the lives of residents affected by dementia.”

Outside of work, Angie cherishes time with her daughters, Morgan and Lily, and her son, Brandon. They live in Fairland, Indiana, where Angie was born and raised.

“I returned there to raise my children with the same small-town values I grew up with,” she said.

Together they enjoy hiking, camping and playing with their adorable little Shih Tzu, Monty.

Angie is grateful that she found a work team that feels like a second family.