Employee Spotlight: Brandy Armstrong’s Love of Improving Lives

Brandy Armstrong’s journey into motherhood carved her path toward the field of healthcare.

“When I got pregnant with my daughter, that experience sparked my interest in nursing,” she said. “One of the nurses who was in the delivery room inspired me. She was just so compassionate and good at her job. She made me feel comfortable and helped me through every step of the way.”

Although it seemed like a detour from Brandy’s career goal of becoming a conservation officer, nursing still aligned with her interest in protecting and improving lives around her.

Brandy studied at IUPUI to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and she started serving in that role around 2006. She worked as a floor nurse at Altenheim Senior Living before CarDon & Associates acquired the community in 2010. She then climbed the CarDon Career Ladder, reaching the position of unit manager and then transferring to Greenwood Health & Living to serve as an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Nurse.

“CarDon really grew me,” Brandy said. “Through the Career Ladder program, they’ve opened up so many opportunities and have consulted me as my career has evolved. From starting as a floor nurse to moving into a corporate role, I’ve had quite a journey here. Thanks to their encouragement and tuition assistance, I’m now a Registered Nurse (RN) as well. Since I work full-time, I was able to take online classes through Excelsior College. CarDon has not only helped me grow as a nurse but as a person as well.”

Brandy was recently promoted to Director of Clinical Information. Although she is now based in a corporate office in Fishers, she visits all of CarDon’s communities throughout the Midwest. Her current position involves collaborating with the IT department to develop and optimize the software system for managing electronic health records. But she’s still closely involved with patient care.

Brandy’s favorite part of her career at CarDon is working with the staff and residents.

“I’ve been here a long time, so I know what it’s like to juggle staff, residents and their loved ones,” she said. “They begin to feel like a second family. If I can make a difference by making their day easier, that is the greatest reward for me.”

Outside of work, Brandy loves venturing into the great outdoors.

“Any chance I can be outside, I’m going to go outside,” she said with a hearty laugh.

Along with her husband and daughter, Brandy loves a variety of outdoor activities — boating, fishing, camping, hiking. She revels in the beauty of nature, which never ceases to amaze her. Her backyard is practically a forest, lush with trees, plants and grapevines.

Brandy is always grateful to have a workplace that fills her with the same sense of wonder and appreciation.