Employee Spotlight: Father and Son Fix-It Team

Father and son, Glenn and Clayton Smith, have always liked working with their hands. Clayton looked up to Glenn as Mr. Fix-It, a handyman able to fix almost anything with a tool belt and elbow grease.

Now they find themselves in the same line of work. Glenn has been working for CarDon for the past seven years, currently serving as regional facility director. Clayton started in 2015 as a facility maintenance assistant at Copper Trace, eventually making the jump to facility supervisor at The Reserve.

Their roles involve making sure the community is in the best shape possible by monitoring and overseeing the maintenance of everything from sprinklers and washing machines to the nursing unit’s call system.

Although they don’t work closely together on a daily basis, Clayton appreciates having his father as a go-to resource. After all, Glenn is an expert at this point.

“I’ve been doing this kind of work all my life,” Glenn said. “I’ve always had a passion for it, and it’s nice to see that passion rub off on my son. As a parent, it’s exciting to see Clayton’s ability in this field. I find it rewarding at the end of the day to see that he’s grown into a great handyman and a great man, period.”

Clayton added that “it’s nice to be in the family business, so to speak.”

They’re both happy to be working for CarDon, which has its own family-oriented atmosphere.

“I appreciate how closely CarDon works with employees,” Clayton said. “They’re very accommodating and willing to help you through personal issues or tough times that may affect work. CarDon is like a second family.”

Glenn, who has worked for CarDon a bit longer than Clayton, wholeheartedly agrees. The patience and high standards of the CarDon owners compelled him to stick with the company and encourage his son to come on board with him. They both look forward to working with CarDon for many years to come.