Employee Spotlight: Lynn Lopossa’s Passion for Seniors’ Stories

Lynn Lopossa is pleasantly surprised to be where she is today.

The director of LifeSpan Therapy, a CarDon & Associates company, Lynn never expected to be working in a senior living community.

“When I was studying at the University of Indianapolis, I knew I wanted to do something health-related. I ended up falling in love with senior living communities and this line of work,” Lynn said. “CarDon really wants to take care of the residents they serve, and that’s where my heart lies.”

Lynn has 26 years of occupational therapy practice under her belt. She started working for LifeSpan five years ago, and she now oversees the clinical development and operations of all CarDon’s Health & Living therapy departments. Lynn is able to collaborate with CarDon’s hospital and managed care partners to help LifeSpan’s therapy teams provide the most effective and up-to-date therapy services.

“The ultimate goal is to help our residents maintain the highest level of independence and live as comfortably and as pain-free as possible,” Lynn said. “I consider it a privilege to be able to provide therapy to all residents, including short-stay rehab clients and residents who have chosen our community as their home. I’m excited to go to work every day.”

Lynn’s passion lies not only in exploring the health benefits of therapy but in getting to know residents on a personal level.

“I love to learn about what they were like when they were young, what dreams and aspirations they had and what accomplishments they achieved,” she said. “All the residents are wonderful, fascinating people. I consider it a privilege to know them.”

Lynn finds herself swept away by seniors’ stories. When she listens to them, she feels as though she’s traveling back in time.

“Some of these seniors were around during the Great Depression, some of them fought in World War II. When I realize that, I feel so lucky to have this job that lets me get a peek into history,” Lynn said.

After hearing about seniors’ lives, the obstacles they’ve overcome and the magical memories they’ve made, Lynn leaves work with a smile on her face and inspiration in her heart. She feels compelled to bring more joy to those around her and to live life to the fullest, just like her residents.

“The seniors I work with make me want to be the best I can be,” Lynn said. “Thanks to them, I always come home to my family feeling happy.”

Lynn recently became a grandmother to twin girls, Cali and Kaylee. She hopes that when she tells them stories of her life, they’ll be just as enchanted as she is while listening to her residents every day.