CarDon & Associates Introduces Best-in-Class Hip Fracture Program

CarDon & Associates is partnering with Episode 360 of Indianapolis on a new best-in-class hip fracture program offering specialized, expert care for patients recovering from hip fracture injuries.

The program is launching at two of CarDon’s communities — Hamilton Trace in Fishers and University Heights Health & Living on the southside of Indianapolis. These two communities will become destinations for patients to receive specialized treatment and care from experts focused on hip fractures and total joint rehabilitation.

“The scope of healthcare is changing, and patients are leaving the hospital more at risk for an episode of care within 90 days after discharge,” said CarDon Chief Operating Officer Gregg Gormal. “This is an opportunity to become more educated and specialized in hip fracture rehabilitation.”

CarDon therapy teams are specifically educated on therapy to best treat the complex hip fracture patient. Those therapies and protocols include: admission and discharge planning; communication between facilities, surgeon and patient; education on the types of hip fractures; wound care communication and management; pain medication management; surgeon preferences on therapy; DVT prophylaxis; and dislocation protocol.

“Over the past two to three decades, we have seen amazing progress in the treatment and care of patients with hip fractures,” said Dr. Edward Todderud, an orthopedic surgeon in the Indianapolis area. “Although a few of the advancements have been in the technology of the surgical procedure and implants, the most dramatic changes have actually been in the way patients are treated after surgery. We have developed aggressive rehabilitation protocols that enable them to get up and ambulate sooner, which has led to improved results and shorter stays in the hospital. Now, as a natural progression in the treatment of these patients, we are developing new protocols in the way these patients are rehabilitated after they leave the hospital.”

During a six-month period, Episode 360 helps align orthopedic surgeons with CarDon to provide treatment and oversight while the patient resides at Hamilton Trace or University Heights Health & Living for a targeted stay of approximately two weeks.

“Episode 360 is partnering with select facilities in our area to develop and implement protocols that will improve the patient’s ability to return to their optimal level of independence as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Dr. Todderud said.

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