Ladies and gentlemen … Indy 500 Memoirs

Indy 500

It’s the last day of action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before Sunday’s 100th running of Indianapolis 500.

Here is a final set of stories and memories about the Indianapolis 500 from CarDon & Associates staff and residents. Enjoy!

Albert Fullerton – Resident at Arbor Trace

Al went to the Indy 500 one time when he was eight or nine years old. His dad drove a box truck for Wheelers Restaurant in Indianapolis and parked the truck in the infield. Al and his family climbed up the ladder on the truck and watched the race from a bird’s eye view.
-Al recalled, “Mauri Rose won the race that year. It was 1948.” (I checked, and he’s right!)

Dolores Baudendistel – Resident at Arbor Trace

Dolores went to the Indy 500 one time when she was in her twenties. She went with her husband in a group from his place of employment (Farm Bureau in Connersville). Dolores only went that one time, but she had always wanted to go back when her husband was still living.
-Dolores laughingly said, “All of us women had on skirts and tops, so you know it was a long time ago!”
-“Everyone in the crowd was cheerful and loud, even louder than the cars! And the weather was very nice.”

Bill Barth – Resident at Arbor Trace

Bill has been to the Indy 500 four or five times. He went each time as an adult, with his brother. -Bill recalled how loud the race was. “The cars are so loud because they have no mufflers.”

Joyce Crull – Resident at Arbor Trace

Joyce’s daughter works for Penske Racing and lives in Indianapolis. Joyce said her daughter still tells her stories about past Indy 500 races. Joyce has not been to the Indy 500 herself.

Melanie Hamm – Human Resources Director at Arbor Trace

Melanie’s best friend since childhood is Lauren Bohlander’s mother. Melanie graduated with her and still meets for a monthly dinner date.
-Lauren is married to Tony Kanaan! Melanie knows Lauren very well and says Lauren and Tony’s son, Deco, is the cutest! Tony also has a son, Leo, from a previous relationship.
-Lauren Bohlander is from Cambridge City, Ind. and was a host/reporter for the Indianapolis 500, Verizon Indy Car Series, “Up to Speed” (, and many other projects.

Sara Holder – AT Occupational Therapist at Arbor Trace
Sara is a 2016 Indy 500 model (she’s absolutely gorgeous!)

Indy 500