Rob Ludwig’s Sense of Purpose at Arbor Trace

Arbor Trace Marketing and Admissions Director Rob Ludwig with residents

For Rob Ludwig, stepping into the role of Marketing and Admissions Director of Arbor Trace at the beginning of this year was like a homecoming reunion in many ways. He recognized many of the same faces from when he worked at the Richmond, Indiana-based senior living community right after high school and during college. And he felt the same compelling sense of purpose that sparked his passion for the community when he served as a dietary aide through high school and college.

“When I first started working here, I realized quickly that this isn’t like any other job,” he said. “This is not just about a paycheck. This is about taking care of people and making sure they’re happy. The staff and residents become family.”

After college, Rob worked for a company unrelated to senior care, but it didn’t give him “the feeling of true purpose” that Arbor Trace did, and it didn’t “hold a special place” in his heart. So, when the position of marketing and admissions director opened up, he jumped at the opportunity.

Now, compared to his original position years ago, Rob gets to play an even more vital part in caring for residents.

“When people come here from the hospital after surgeries, they’re often in wheelchairs. It’s a good feeling to see them walking out the door without even needing a cane or a walker after just a couple of weeks,” Rob said.

Rob Ludwig connecting with an Arbor Trace resident

“For me, being part of this community is not only about helping people and doing what I can to get them back on their feet and well, but it’s about connecting with the residents,” he added. “One interesting resident story I’ll never forget was from a woman in assisted living. When she and her husband were dating back in the ’30s or ’40s, her husband had done some artwork that he submitted to Coca Cola, and the company wanted to use it. So, they offered to buy it, and his options were either $100 right then and there or some sort of royalty deal. He took the $100 and bought her a wedding ring. The wife joked about how they could’ve been rich beyond their wildest dreams if they took the royalties! That’s one of the many stories I’ve heard that stuck with me.”

Although he’s been in his current position for less than a year, Rob’s history with Arbor Trace dates back so far that he feels like he’s “back home.” He looks forward to what the future brings as well as the staff members and residents who will become members of his family along the way.