Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

At CarDon communities, we specialize in speech therapy. We help and guide residents who have conditions that could impact the ability to swallow or communicate. Our caring and skilled speech therapists manage in-depth evaluations. They get to the source of the problem. From there, an action plan is laid out to suit each person’s unique needs.

Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

The goal of dysphagia therapy is to help the individual learn to swallow more safely and effectively. The therapy often involves learning exercises, new positions, and strategies to improve specific swallowing functions.

Speech/Language Impairments Therapies

Therapies for individuals whose language abilities are impaired range from auditory cues, organizing, or recalling information. We’ll help develop strategies to record information to aid memory, and/or address underlying physical or mental concerns to improve speech and communications.