Matt Balla, R.Ph.

Matt Balla, R.Ph.

VP, Pharmacy

Matt Balla is a registered pharmacist with an illustrious career spanning over 30 years in pharmacy practice and leadership.

Matt’s career began with Ascension, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, where he honed his skills and knowledge as a critical care pharmacist, making pivotal decisions in high-pressure situations to ensure the best possible patient care. He continued growing at Ascension and rising to various leadership roles, the first being Hospital President, in which he oversaw the operations of a thriving acute care facility. He later took on the prestigious position of National Director of Clinical Operations for Ascension Health’s vast network of over 130 hospital pharmacies across the United States. In this pivotal role, he orchestrated and executed strategies to enhance clinical operations, streamline processes, and ensure the highest standards of pharmaceutical care. His visionary leadership and dedication to advancing pharmacy practice set the benchmark for excellence in the field.

Now, as a vital part of the CarDon team, Matt continues to bring his wealth of experience, leadership acumen, and unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence. His remarkable journey is a testament to his passion for pharmacy and his dedication to improving patient outcomes, making him a respected figure in the industry and a driving force behind CarDon’s continued success. Additionally, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb appointed Matt to the Indiana Board of Pharmacy, where he continues to contribute to the development and regulation of pharmacy practice in the state.

Beyond his professional achievements, Matt cherishes spending quality time with his wife and daughter. They share a passion for traveling and hiking. His remarkable journey in pharmacy, leadership and his personal matters reflects a profound dedication to improving patient outcomes and enjoying life’s adventures to the fullest.