Anna Scott Finds Strength and Friends through CarDon

Anna Scott

When Anna Scott arrived at CarDon & Associates’ Greenwood/Bargersville community, Aspen Trace, for rehab therapy, she was paralyzed on the bottom half of her body. Now, less than six months later, she can stand and walk in what has become her new home.

“Rehab was good because I had been through it before when I had a stroke at age 40, so I knew what was going to happen,” Anna said. “What I didn’t expect was just how exceptional the care here would be. The nurses are all very impressive and pleasant. They treat me very well here.”

Now, thanks to the strength she gained from rehab, Anna moved into an assisted living apartment and doesn’t have to rely on the nurses too much.

“I’m very self-reliant,” she said. “Actually, living here is just like living in my former home. I fix my own medicine and take care of myself. But it’s comforting to know the nurses are here when I need them.”

Anna stays quite busy in the community. Among other activities, she enjoys exercising, playing euchre, participating in bingo tournaments, making crafts, attending musical performances, etc. Better yet, she enjoys being in good company during those activities.

“I’m pretty sure I’m friends with all of the residents here,” she said with a joyous laugh. “When I first came here, I met a nice lady named Mary Jo, and we’re now close friends. I play cards and watch movies with her and Doris and many other residents.”

The Anna Scott theory to living a good life is staying active and maintaining a positive attitude. Neither task is difficult for her at Aspen Trace.

“I love it here,” she said. “My kids have noticed it too. They say, ‘Mom, you seem so happy!’ I really am.”