Donna George Finds University Heights a Place Worth Staying

University Heights resident Donna George

From receiving physical therapy to being surprised with ice cream, Donna George has experienced exceptional care at CarDon & Associates’ Indianapolis community, University Heights. In fact, she was so impressed with the community that she decided to move in for long-term care in March of this year.

Donna initially came to the community for rehab following a short hospital stay after falling in her home. When she reached a point that she could leave, she decided it was “worth staying.”

“I know that I’m well cared for here,” she said. “And it’s just such a friendly, pleasant place to be.”

Donna credits the staff for creating a comforting atmosphere and making residents feel as though they are treated like family. She fondly remembers one of the nursing aides, whom she affectionately calls “sweet thing,” surprising her with ice cream from the cafeteria after hearing her say she had a hankering for it. When another staff member caught wind of Donna’s sweet tooth, she went out and got her a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

“So many times that I’ve just casually talked about needing or wanting something, I’ve turned around and it’s there!” Donna said. “The staff members go above and beyond and make sure they do everything they can for you here. From the head nurse to housekeeping, they all help make this a good-natured place to live.”

Donna also highlights one of the front desk workers who checks in with her on a bi-monthly basis to see what she and the staff can do to make her time at the community even more enjoyable. “She’s a jewel,” Donna said.

Donna is still working with physical therapists to prevent falls, but she is steadily improving day by day. When her balance is even better, she looks forward to joining the community’s book club and making various crafts with the hand press machine. She appreciates everything University Heights has to offer.

“The dedication from everyone here is so impressive,” she said. “You just know that you’re taken care of here.”