Vern Costelow Can’t Imagine a Better Home

Aspen Trace resident Vern Costelow

A few years after his wife passed away, Vern Costelow decided it was time to stop cooping himself up and start being around people again. He found that sense of community and a new home at CarDon & Associates’ Greenwood/Bargersville location, Aspen Trace, where he’s been living for the last seven years.

When asked why he’s been a resident for so long, Vern said, “Well, this is home! I can’t imagine a better place to be.”

Although he lives in assisted living, Vern said, “Fortunately, I don’t need a lot of help right now, but I’m grateful that it’s here if I do need it. The nurses and CNAs are all really friendly, good people, and they’ll do anything you ask them.”

Vern points to one nurse who’s always at the front desk.

“She could run this whole place,” he said. “She takes care of everybody and has an unbelievable mind as far as keeping track of everyone’s medicine goes.”

Vern appreciates his fellow residents as well. In fact, he practically founded a club at the community that’s devoted to building puzzles. Once he and another resident started making them, others followed, and everyone clicked together. Vern attributes that to the community’s warm, inviting environment. Like his puzzle-crazy peers, he feels right where he belongs.

“The atmosphere here is comforting, and I’ve got a really nice apartment. I couldn’t be doing better,” he said with a relaxed sigh of content.