Why Bonnie Baugh Counts on CarDon

Countryside resident Bonnie Baugh

CarDon & Associates’ Countryside community has long been a reliable place of rest and rejuvenation for Bonnie Baugh. Through medical issues and surgeries over the years, Countryside has been her number one choice for rehab therapy, and it’s now her permanent residence.

“I’ve met the most thoughtful, caring human beings here,” she said.

In regard to the staff, Bonnie recalls one nurse who always seemed to magically appear right away whenever she needed anything during her rehab visits. “I’d press the call button, and poof — he was right there in my doorway!”

Bonnie’s stays as a rehab patient date back to 2016, but she’s been a resident for just the past four weeks. However, she’s “made quite a few friends already.”

“We giggle, we laugh, we have a good time here,” she said. “The Activity Director’s assistant is a hoot. She’s always joking around with us and making sure we’re having fun. The people here are very open and easy to get to know.”

Fortunately, the community is close to Bonnie’s family as well. In fact, her daughter lives in a neighborhood right next door. And two of Bonnie’s sisters also live in Indiana. She enjoys spending time with them and her grandchildren.

Now, Bonnie counts herself lucky to have an even larger family thanks to the friendly, compassionate people she’s met at Countryside and the close relationships she’s built with them. Like her immediate family members, those at Countryside have supported her during some of her toughest times.

“The staff has been here for me through my bout with ovarian cancer and my hysterectomy,” she said. “I know I can count on them. And I hope the friends I’ve made here feel like they can count on me as well.”

Family caring for family — that’s what CarDon is all about.