Betty Cooper Finds Comfort and Friends at CarDon

Betty Cooper’s experience at CarDon & Associates’ senior living community in Plainfield is a testament to the care and sense of community that CarDon provides throughout its senior living locations.

Betty moved to the Plainfield location amid COVID, and she never worried about living there.

“I have to credit the staff for taking time to help me feel safe and at ease,” she said. “CarDon goes above and beyond for our safety.”

Thanks to the care she’s received, Betty says she is more independent now than she was when she first became part of the community.

“CarDon makes sure I’m getting the most out of my long-term care benefits,” she said. “I get transportation to all of my medical appointments as well as wonderful guidance and treatment from the nursing staff.”

Betty not only feels better physically; she’s also thriving emotionally. During this time of social distancing, Betty appreciates the opportunities that CarDon gives residents to safely interact.

“I am involved in so many activities that I wouldn’t have been in if I didn’t discover this community,” she said. “I am leading a bible study group and making new friends. My family tells everyone they know how happy I am here.”