Son Praises Parents’ Home at CarDon

For the past five years, Jon Zipperstein has rested easy knowing his parents are living at CarDon & Associates’ senior living community in Mason, Ohio.

“It continues to be a wonderful atmosphere,” he said. “And through COVID, the CarDon staff has been extremely safe and caring. I am really impressed with the way they’ve handled the pandemic and continued to work with families and their loved ones in these challenging times.”

For Jon, the best part about CarDon is the personal touch its staff members bring to their work.

“Whenever I stop in to drop off something for my parents, the person at the front desk always remembers who I am and who my parents are,” he said. “Every time I come in, they have a story to tell about my folks. This makes me feel like the staff really cares about them on a personal level and keeps an eye on what they are doing day to day.”

Jon also appreciates the “grace and kindness” with which the staff handles any obstacles his parents are facing.

“Thank you to CarDon for all they do,” he said.