Take the Right Step: Senior Fall Safety

It’s that time of year. Bitter cold. Freezing temperatures. And not to mention constantly trying to avoid falling on ice or snow. Everyone can suffer from a winter spill, but it’s even more important that seniors take the right precautions when walking on those slippery, icy surfaces.

Seniors don’t react the same way they did when they were younger. Chronic health conditions, medications and impaired mobility can put seniors at risk for slipping and falling. Falling and suffering an injury is one of the greatest winter dangers.

The bottom line? Stay active and be prepared. It’s the key to avoiding a potentially life-changing fall. Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to maintain strength and mobility. So, get moving. Here are a few indoor exercises to keep seniors safe this winter.

  • Use That Treadmill. It’s a popular exercise during the summer months, so why not continue it indoors. You can adjust speed and resistance to suit your needs while staying safe with the comfort of a handlebar
  • Get on the Elliptical. It’s a low-impact aerobics machine that works wonders for balance and strength. The elliptical places less stress on the back, knees and hips while increasing heart rate to levels necessary to sustain good health
  • Weights, Weights, Weights. Strength-training is an important part of sustaining flexibility and muscle strength. Weight-training equipment or free weights are a great option. Just make sure to get tips from an expert CarDon physical therapist
  • Go for a Bike Ride … Inside! Biking is a great exercise for seniors. Using a stationary bike indoors is a good alternative when the weather is bad. Use a recumbent bike for extra back support and less joint stress

Want to be extra prepared?  Below are some additional tips to remain healthy, happy and safe during the winter months.

  • Maintain safe mobility. Invest in extra lamps and lights around steps and stairs and keep your sidewalks cleared. Make sure you have proper outerwear such as shoes with good traction
  • Be prepared. Always have an emergency kit stashed in case of winter danger. This includes an emergency radio, flashlight, extra batteries, food and any medicines or medical equipment. Be sure to always carry a cell phone
  • Check on loved ones. Before and after severe weather, it’s always a good idea for family caregivers to check-in with elders. Make sure they have all the resources they need to stay happy and healthy

The takeaway? Seniors can follow these preventive measures to avoid the risk of winter falls. Our expert therapists at CarDon can help you prepare for extreme weather conditions by training inside our cozy and warm rehabilitation facilities. Stay safe this winter with CarDon.

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