Barbara McAninch Calls CarDon Home

University Heights resident Barbara McAninch

Three years ago, Barbara McAninch stepped back, took a look at her medical needs and decided it was time for a little help. She wanted to live with the comfort of knowing that people were there for her just around the corner. Her sister found University Heights — and Barbara found a new home.

“If you need a community, this is the place for you,” Barbara said. “All the staff members are kind, understanding and on top of it. They always listen to you and make sure you have everything you need. The nurses and aides are very good, and they’re always quick to help. They’re great with getting me ready for medical appointments and ensuring I have transportation and everything else I could possibly need.”

In addition to the staff, Barbara credits the clean, comfortable environment of the community for making her feel right at home as a long-term care resident. And she appreciates that there is always something fun for her to do.

“The activities are my favorite part of the community,” she said. “We have a wonderful activity director who puts together a lot of different things for us to do. She has millions of ideas. Trivia, bible study, arts and crafts, live music. A father-daughter duo performs for us once in a while. He strums the guitar while she sings and plays piano. They’re excellent together.”

Three years since she moved, Barbara is still “very pleased” with University Heights, and she highly recommends it for anyone searching for a senior living community.

“If you’re someone my age looking to make a move, you’ll greatly enjoy living in this community,” she said. “I know I do.”